How many of us managed to marry without dating? How is life in a relationship? It is advisable for to love birds to date first before getting married. Dating provides the appropriate room to study and navigate life before committing yourselves to marriage. Can you trust a 5-year old kid with your new car? Likewise, relationships should not be taken for granted; where one can change lovers like clothes. A person should understand his/her partner well before committing themselves to marriage. Do you think dating before marriage will help reduce the number of divorces? Let us know of your stand in the comments section.Dating before marriage has a greater positive influence on a relationship than the negative influences.

Date before Marriage

Below find the reasons why we should date before marriage:

Dating fosters for a socialization process:

Dating involves a lot, the process of approaching the opposite sex partner, how to kick- off the first conversation, how to co-exist as one and even how to cooperate. The processes involved in dating improve one’s life skills.The lovebirds will end up knowing how to handle a relationship, improve the social confidence, cooperation and the appropriate social conversation they should indulge into.

Dating creates the true companionship:

During dating, the lovebirds get ample time together- interact and share a number of activities. The moments spent together help get rid of frustrations and loneliness on may be having. In addition, the partners get to self- appreciation and re-energized for a stronger relationship. Thus, dating provides the most convenient opportunity to interact and appreciate each other in preparation for marriage. Before one can consider marrying, there should be a strong bond between the lovebirds.

In addition, the biblical aspect towards marriage is to provide companionship (Genesis 2:18).Thus, dating provides room for understanding and intimacy between the stakeholders.

Dating acts as a proof whether you have the best partner:

Dating for few years before marriage helps determine if your relationship is strong or not. One gets to know the actual behavior, capability and the LOVE of his/her partner. This is advantageous as one gets prepared for marriage with the person already she/he knows better .Marriage is a lifetime event, it should not be taken for granted. Dating serves as a bridge to help you learn how to solve and discuss marital issues. As the names suggest, dating should be fun! There should be no tense environment, intimidation or fear for one another during the dating process.

Dating allows lovebirds to test gender roles:

It’s during the dating process that the partners get to appreciate different roles are meant for a certain gender. Men likewise to women will try hard to fulfill the roles which they ought to do in a relationship. This attributes to personality development and preparing them for marriage.